Precision Measuring Instrument, Layout Machine. CMM


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ATTOTECH ATS is Side Mount coordinate measuring machine is suitable for inspection room or shop-floor use.
ATTOTECH ATS measures and scribessmall to mediumsized workpieces.
ATTOTECH ATS is available with either manual or CNC system, .
You can use ATS easily with very fine plane and guide
Also you can select DRO counter and 3D measuring software.
I prepare the various measuring software for many customers. ( PC-DMIS, EXLE, Rational-DMIS, CMM-MANAGER etc. ) Also, I have a special reporting program for your company.
Global Standard of Layout M/C is at ATTOTECH ATS’s core. However, it is flexibleenough to satisfy also more demanding needs – whether whenit comes to measuring or scribing.

ATTOTECH ATS-D isdual arm version of ATS series. Also special work tables, as scribing kit and the measurement software extendthe CMM’s usability even further.

When it comes to measuring ATTOTECH ATS is as reliable as the most advanced CMMs. At the same time it is easier touse than many other CMMs thanks to its manual handling.
ATTOTECH ATS offers simple or advanceddigital readouts and DRO software ( industrial computer) with various functions to display measurement data. For more complex geometric inspection jobswe equip ATTOTECH ATS with our measurement software which is available in different versionsfor specific tasks.  You can have perfect 3D CMM include measurement software with our one ATR.

  • You can select standard model and black granite model.
  • High Accuracy Side Mount Coordinate Measuring Machine.
  • Best price-performance-ratio in its class.
  • Special designed Y arm tension system for extreme low bending.
  • Manual measurements and scribing with mediumworkpieces
  • Various ranges for X, Y and Z axes.
  • Axes slide on precision recirculating bearings, no air supply
  • Axes are manually handled via control knobs, independent brakes on all separately.
  • Scales and linear optical transducers on all axes.( Optical scale, Magnetic scale )
  • Mechanical horizontal arm counterbalance system with fall-stop safety
  • CMM probe head for measurement applications.( Renishaw or TESA )
  • High performance measuringsoftware.



พรีซิชั่เครื่องเค้าโครง   PRECISION LAYOUT MÁY  PRECISION LAYOUT MESIN  ម៉ាស៊ីនប្លង់យ៉ាងច្បាស់ណាស់ 

PRECISION LAYOUTآلة    精密レイアウトマシン 精密布局机 精密佈局機


三坐标测量机  三坐標測量機   Menyelaras Mesin Mengukur  座標測定機  ประสานงานเครื่องวัด  Phối hợp ĐO MÁY

machine တိုင်းတာခြင်း coordinate   KOORDINAT MENGUKUR MESIN  تنسيق آلة قياس