Precision Measuring Instrument, Layout Machine. CMM

Measuring Software for CMM

Certified by the most authoritative international institute Exemplary software in the industry

PC-DMIS BASOC and PC-DMIS PREMIUM are high price performance ratio software series specifically developed by Hexagon for general coordinate measurement users.

With core PC-DMIS technology, user-friendly interface, intelligent feature identification functions, this software is easy to learn, prismatic and effective, and can help enterprises enhance the speed and efficiency of coordinate measurement as well as product quality by inspection and process control

PC-DMIS BASIC : PC-DMIS BASIC, with comprehensive intellectual measuring functions, is simple and fast, rendering accurate and efficient inspection of various complex components.

  • Fully PTB certified, In conformity to ISO and ANSI standard tolerance evaluation standard, ensuring measurement reliability and accuracy
  • Powerful and flexible graphic user interface (GUI), can be used to customize your own report. Simple and fast. Chinese online help files provide instructions on execution functions as well as ways to run the powerful metrology soft ward
  • Quick start interface Follow prompted instructions, execute probing system management and application, part coordinate management and application and construction of geometric features, tolerance evaluation, etc.
  • Powerful evaluation of from and position tolerances, including : straightness, flatness, circularity, cylindricity, conicity, as well as various complex curve plane contours, etc.
  • Evaluation of relative datum geometric elements position such as : parallelism, perpendicularity, axial run-out, radial run-out, axial total run-out, radial total run-out,
  • Intellectual feature measuring function
    – Automatic recognition of geometric element features, create corresponding graphs in graphic windows, and illustrate measuring data on dynamic preview window
    – Automated programming and inspection, for quick calculation and construction of geometric relationship, as well as evaluation and analysis of form and position tolerances
  • Intuitive and exquisite interface window, entertaining your eyes at work powerful feature construction function : up to 14 categories, including projection, intersection, mirroring, best fit and error revision, tangency.
  • Parallel, perpendicular, combination, movement, rotate, deflection line defection scale and taking the original point as construction datum etc.
  • Flexibly solve the measuring tasks with missing features and complex features.
  • Various professional reporting templates can be combine with graphs facilitate preview of inspection data and management : you can also customize your report